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As a professional organizer, I love to share the joy of living a tidy and happy life! I create & lead workshops on the topics of home management, wardrobe organization and other household & lifestyle challenges.

Let me show your group how to put themselves at ease with a home that truly reflects who they are! My approach is both practical, entertaining & includes activities to get people interacting & learning.

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Phone: +86 13774416148

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Home Organization

  • Home office organization
  • Learning to clean & organize the home
  • Storage solutions for every room
  • The secrets to organizing kids' room


Tidying Mindset

  • Making space for things you love
  • The importance of decluttering 
  • Creating a bright, cheerful home
  • Sustainability at home



I can create workshops specific to your audience's needs and interests. Let's connect to learn more and make sure we're a good fit!


You don't have to tackle it

My home and office organization packages consist of a series of hands-on lessons that teach you the basics of organizing your space and revamping your routine.


all of our packages include:

Guided exercise to define your ideal life
Hands-on in-home organizing by category
Unlimited support and guidance in between lessons
Additional hours can be booked at a discounted rate based on the package selected

Multi-space Organization

Virtual Session

With this package, we can tackle various chaos areas in your home. We clear the clutter so you can feel relaxed, at peace and creative in your space while knowing where everything is. Suitable for small to average size homes and apartments.

Starts at 1000 RMB / hour

These power sessions are designed to help you identify the source of the clutter problem in your home. We give you clear advice on how to reorganize and implement an easy-to-follow system you can maintain. 

Starts at 750 RMB / hour

Housekeeper Coaching 

Keeping a clean home requires everyone's involvement. Train your housekeeper how to organize, put systems in place and learn to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose. We coach on how to best strategize time and duties to maintain an ideal family lifestyle so that the house runs smoothly every day.  

Explore our latest organization projects and get inspired to start your own.

Blessed Projects

Explore our latest organization projects and get inspired to start your own

Blessed Projects

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